East by North

Welcome to East by North, a specialized consultancy agency. Originally established to cater to the needs of Food & Beverage companies, our company takes pride in a solid track record and a list of happy clients.

In essence, our consultancy goes beyond traditional business advice. We’re dedicated to fostering growth, resilience, and success for SMEs by offering comprehensive support, tailored solutions, and a personal touch that acknowledges the unique human element behind every enterprise.

At our core, we are a consultancy dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses build strong foundations and find tailored resources. Our mission is to assist you in identifying challenges, providing solutions, and supporting your journey on a personal level.

East by North Europe

We believe in simplifying complex processes, offering clear guidance, and helping you achieve your goals. Our goal is to empower businesses, making their path to success straightforward and accessible.

  • Problem-Solving: Our team specializes in pinpointing problem areas within SME operations. We conduct thorough analyses to uncover issues that may be hindering their growth or efficiency. Once identified, we collaborate with them to devise practical and effective solutions. Our goal is to streamline processes and eliminate obstacles.
  • Personalized Support: We understand that the success of any business depends on the individuals behind it. We offer a supportive environment where SME leaders and teams can openly discuss their concerns. Through empathetic communication, we help them uncover their motivations and passions, which are often crucial drivers for success.
  • Holistic Perspective: Our consultancy emphasizes seeing the bigger picture. We guide SMEs in understanding their industry landscape, competitors, and market trends. With this comprehensive perspective, they can make informed decisions and strategic choices to stay ahead in their field.

At East by North, our commitment to quality means we maintain a deliberately limited number of project openings. This approach ensures that every project benefits from our full dedication and strategic insight.

Meet the people leading the company

Shan Luolin, Director of Finland

Shan has a proven track record of overseeing diverse projects in various industries. With a focus on proficient team management, effective communication, and optimal resource management, Shan ensures that East by North’s projects are executed seamlessly, meeting client objectives and surpassing expectations.

Cindy Wu, Director of China

Having served as the former CFO of a publicly listed company, Cindy brings her extensive experience to guide our clients through the intricacies of the Chinese financial landscape. With a strong background in financial management and a keen understanding of the local market, Cindy is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals with efficiency.